Ophthalmic Lens - Coatings


Hard Coat (HC)

Coating offers lenses with durability and extended sturdiness. The polymer structure is enhanced to be denser and resistant to heat. Thus the coating will not crack at higher temperature and will not get scratched even after prolonged wear. Thermally cured hard coat on front and back of lenses also gives long lasting component for AR coating.


  • Excellent Scratch Resistant
  • Outstanding Durability

Hard Multi Coat (HMC)

Coating guarantees performance and protection throughout the day by reducing reflection and glare that might be distracting to the wearer. Once reflection on your glasses is eliminated more light able to pass through the lenses and improve the sharpness of your vision. This specialized coating helps while driving at night, working on computer and reading during the day.


  • Scratch Resistant
  • Antiglare
  • Super Hydrophobic
  • Smudge Resistance
  • UV Protection

AR coating performance between AKSH and Import lens


Mirror Coat


Mirror coating adds a high concentration of multilayer coating preventing glare and adding high optical quality and durability providing a brighter vision to the wearer and is available in wide variety of colour.

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