Multitube Design

Smartcore Glass Armoured Cable -

Multitube Design


Another option for direct burial installation is Glass Armoured Cable. This cable is armoured with glass roving tape that provides good protection against rodents and allows the cable to retain outstanding flexibility for easy installation.

Used mainly in indoor /outdoor with PE/LSZH sheath for long time performance.

Options Available

  • Nylon/LSZH/FRPE as outer Jacketing Available.
  • Customized designs are available on request.
  • Fibre options: SM (G652B/D, G655 & G657), MM (OM1, OM2 & OM3)
  • Dry core construction (non jelly) is optional.
  • Rip Cord is optional.
  • Composite of various types of fibres (SM & MM).
  • Metallic central strength member option available.
  • Higher fibre count cable designs are available on request.
Part Number Fibre Count Diameter (mm) Nominal Weight (kg/Km) Nominal Tensile Strength
Crush Resistance
Bending Radius
  Installation (Short Term) Operating
(Long Term)
  Temporary (10 x D of Cable) Dynamic Permanant (20 x D of Cable) Static
D-72/SM/MTJ (4F&G)MFP-B11.5 UP TO 72 11.5 110 2000 1000 2000 115 230

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