FRP (Fibre Reinforcement Plastic) rods

FRP Rods -

FRP (Fibre Reinforcement Plastic) rods


Di-electric cable composite strength member widely known as FRP/GRP rod is designed to provide excellent strength performance while maintaining high degree of stiffness, preventing cable buckling over its entire service life.

  • Light weight and excellent tensile strength
  • Prevents cable buckling
  • Most suited for multi-loose tube, uni-tube, slotted core and ribbon cable designs
  • Used as central or peripheral reinforcement in fibre optic cable
  • Dual Advantage: Reinforcement during installation as well as reduce stress on signal carrying optic fibre/conductor
  • Prevent sagging in aerial installation
  • Cost effective solution as a strength member

Product Range

AKSH produces a wide array of sizes as per customer specifications with diameter ranging from 0.4mm to 6.5mm

Options Available

  • AKSH FRP is available in various coatings including EAA (Ethylene Acrylic Acid) and HDPE, which allows easy handling and better grip to the cables.

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