ARP (Aramid Reinforcement Plastic) rods

ARP Rods -

ARP (Aramid Reinforcement Plastic) rods


ARP rods are non-metallic composites designed primarily for use as a central strength member in fiber optic cables. ARP rods offer high tensile strength & better bending properties with minimum weight. Thus, ARP rods are ideal for cable designs for FTTH application where the cables are subjected to sharp bends.

These are also ideal for all dielectric cable configurations where placement close to power lines is common. An excellent choice for high temperature environments.

  • Light weight and high strength
  • Low expansion. ARP has a low coefficient of thermal expansion than steel wire and GFRP in a wider temperature range
  • Impact and break resistance. ARP has much higher tensile strength (1528 MPa). The remained tensile strength could be 1300MPa even it is broken
  • Good flexibility. ARP is flexible and easy to bend. Its minimum bending radius is 24 times of the diameter of ARP rod
  • Enables the cable to be compact, aesthetic and flexible, especially for the indoor layouts.

On these rods EAA coating (Ethylene Acrylic Acid) is done, which allows easy handling and provides better adhesion properties

Product Range

AKSH produces a wide array of sizes as per customer specifications; 0.4mm & 0.5 mm being the most common.

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