Teleglass Water Blocking Yarn

Water Blocking Yarn / Teleglass WB -

Teleglass Water Blocking Yarn


Teleglass WB is E-glass reinforcement coated with super absorbent resin. It eliminates flooding gels & tapes from fibre optic cables. Teleglass WB swells to form gel as it comes in contact with water and stops further flow into cable jacket. It has good abrasion resistance and easy handling properties.

The water-blocking yarns are developed with superabsorbent en-swell fibres

  • Made with abrasion resistant resin for easy handling and enhanced flexibility
  • It can absorb water quickly and blocks further seepage of water into the cable core
  • In the production of optical fibre cable, it acts as a replacement of filling compounds, water blocking tapes or common yarns. It is used in optical fibre cables as reinforcement to improve tensile strength and rodent protection properties

Product Range

AKSH Teleglass is available in 600Tex, 735Tex, 800Tex, 1200Tex & 2400Tex

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