Double Sheath Construction

Smartcore Aerial Cable -

Double Sheath Construction

Aerial Cable is designed with integral bearer for installation on utility poles of an optical cable communication network. The cable design is available in unitube (up to 24 loose fibers), multitube design- single sheath construction (up to 144 fibres) and multitube design- double sheath construction (up to 96 fibres) and figure-8 design. The design is lightweight and flexible and able to withstand normal installation forces of strain, crush, bend and twist.

All Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS) cable is designed for installation on poles with maximum span of 100 meters. It can be supplied with loose and ribbon fiber or both. The aramide yarn strength member and the radial shape of the slotted core profile provide an effective protection against tension and radial forces applied by the cable fittings. Being completely dielectric, the cable can be installed parallel with power lines.
Loose tubes containing fibres and jelly are S-Z stranded around a central strength member. A layer of non metallic member (aramid yarn) provides the extra tensile strengths required for aerial installations on poles.
  • Light weight permits larger spans.
  • Ideal for direct installation on poles and buildings.
  • Meets IEC 60794, EIA/TIA, ITU t, EN 187000, RUS 1755.900 & Telecodia GR-20 International standards.
  • Suitable to install up to 125 KV electrical lines.
Options Available
  • Nylon/LSZH/FRPE as outer Jacketing Available.
  • Customized designs are available on request.
  • Fibre options: SM (G652B/D, G655 & G657), MM (OM1, OM2 & OM3)
  • Dry core construction (non jelly) is optional.
  • Rip Cord is optional.
  • Composite of various types of fibres (SM & MM).
  • Metallic central strength member option available.
  • High strength cable construction is available on request.
  • Higher fibre count cable designs are available on request.
  • A track resistance sheath for use within high voltage transmission line.

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