Human Resources

Why Join Us


  • Employees First Culture- We enable and empower employees to create value by:
    • Providing them with a unique working environment
    • Encouraging a value - driven culture
    • Enabling transparency and accountability
    • Driving a Flat Organization Sructure
  • Transparency- We are a transparent enterprise with a transparent business model
  • Value Centricity- We believe in always delivering value to our clients
  • Differentiated Services- We work on client-centric insights to offer world-class services
  • Institutionalized Innovation - We thrive on a 'culture of innovation'
  • Business aligned IT - We achieve business objectives by seamlessly integrating business processes with IT

Our employees are strongly encouraged to use their own initiative and to be flexible. They are given the freedom to shape their roles and to define areas of work that will benefit directly from their individual expertise. This democratic approach encourages open discussion and brings new ideas to the table, ultimately creating a win-win opportunity. Employees take pride in their ideas delivering value to customers, thereby transforming the business landscape.

Health Benefits

  • Mediclaim : Hospitalization Benefit: Comprehensive health insurance coverage covers most of the expenditure arising out of medical exigencies to Employee and his/her family with a family floater cover of 1.50 Lacs to 12 Lacs.
  • Group Personal Accident : Accidental Death Benefit: Employees are covered under a group personal accident policy and level wise coverage starts from 7.5 Lacs to 50 Lacs.
  • Group Gratuity Policy : Death Benefit: Anticipated Gratuity paid by LIC in case of death of the member for the balance period till attaining retirement age.

Work Life Balance Related Benefits

  • Flexi Hour Policy :Employee can opt for flexible working hours where he/she can reach office any time between 9:00AM to 10:00AM. The minimum working hours are 8.30 hours at office (Including Lunch and Tea breaks)

Engagement Programs

  • Visiting Company Doctor : Keeping employees health in mind we have arranged for doctors to visit most of our facilities. The frequency of these visits varies weekly to monthly.
  • Birth Day Celebration : Employees birthdays are celebrated in some of the locations as a practice to establish relationship of extended family.
  • Annual Get-togethers : All the locations celebrate annual get-together to involve families to create a bigger bond.
  • Annual Heath Check-up Camps : Health checks up camps are organized to emphasis on the need of well being & safety of employees.

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