Hybrid Cables

Smartcore Special Application Cables -

Hybrid Cables

High performance Optical fibres are placed in gel-filled buffer tubes which are stranded around a dielectric central member. Water blocking tape is added to eliminate water ingress & migration. Periphere strength members are included to provide appropriate pulling tension performance. An insulated pair of copper conductor is used as one of the stranding, elements for power transmissions to energies line components.

Options Available
  • Nylon/LSZH/FRPE as outer Jacketing Available.
  • Customized designs are available on request.
  • Fibre options: SM (G652B/D, G655 & G657), MM (OM1, OM2 & OM3)
  • Dry core construction (non jelly) is optional.
  • Rip Cord is optional.
  • Composite of various types of fibres (SM & MM).
  • Metallic central strength member option available.
  • High fibre count cable designs are available on request.
Part Number Fibre Count Diameter (mm) Nominal Weight (kg/Km) Nominal Tensile Strength
Crush Resistance
Bending Radius
  Installation (Short Term) Operating
(Long Term)
  Temporary (10 x D of Cable) Dynamic Permanant (20 x D of Cable) Static
O-12/SM.MTY(F)-P-B12.0 UP TO 12 F& 2 Copper Conductor 12.0 140 2700 1000 2000 120 240
O-36/SM.MTY(F)-P-B12.0 14TO 36 F& 2 Copper Conductor 12.0 145 2700 1000 2000 120 240
O-48/SM.MTY(F)-P-B13.0 38TO 48 F& 2 Copper Conductor 13.0 160 4000 2000 2000 130 260

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